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Yahoo Mail User Agreement

Changes to fees and billing methods. We can change our fees and billing methods at any time. We will notify you of any price increase at least thirty (30) days in advance. Subject to applicable law (i) if you do not agree to a proposed amendment, your only recourse is to terminate your paid service before the price change takes effect and (ii) your continued use or subscription to the service after the price change comes into effect is your consent to pay the new price of the Service. Other services. Services not listed in Section 14.4 (b) are not provided by Verizon Media do Brasil Internet Ltda. who has no authority or ability to take action on them, including accessing or disclosing user data and/or removing user-generated content. Take a deep breath. I am not a lawyer, but I have hired contracts, user agreements, security, data protection and data practices of large companies for many years. I read the same documents that were used as the basis for the story, and I think the conclusions are largely koje.

1. BILLING AND PAYMENT METHOD. If you provide us with a payment method such as a credit card, debit card or bank account (« payment method ») in connection with a program, you participate in the « payment methods program » and authorize us to charge your payment method in accordance with the current terms of the payment program for all fees and expenses incurred in connection with this program, including recurring payments. The types of payment methods we accept and when fees and fees are billed may vary depending on the program and country; However, we do not knowingly accept debit cards and you should not provide a debit card as a means of payment. The terms of your payment method are defined by an agreement between you and your financial institution. 3. COMMERCIAL LICENSING PROGRAM. If Section 15 of the Terms and Conditions applies to you, the API access program is provided to the agent and not to the API Access advertiser, and you remain bound by the terms of use of The Web Company Commercial Services Licensing Program, which are located in and may be changed from time to time by us.

15. REPRESENTATIVE. If you are an advertising agency, a search engine distributor, a reseller or another organization representing advertisers (« representative »), this section applies, and in this case, « you » and « your » representative, all of the agent`s related companies that place an insertion order apply with the advertisers. « Message, » a unit (including an individual contractor) that you include in a program. one. The representative assures, guarantees and commits that: (i) he is the advertiser`s plenipotentiary representative and has the legal authority to enter into the agreement on behalf of the advertiser, to make all decisions and to take all acts relating to the advertiser`s accounts; (ii) by the agent who executes an insertion order or enrolls another advertiser in a program; (iii) without our prior written consent, the representative will not provide any assurance, guarantees, conditions or guarantees regarding a Yahoo program or entity, including that representative is an affiliate or partner of a Yahoo entity, b) commitments (e.g. B, ad placement guarantees) to an advertiser or potential advertiser with respect to a program, c) the protections and/or obligations of a Yahoo entity and/or inconsistent with the agreement, or (d) telemarketing or telemarketing in conjunction with a program and (iv) the representative will perform his duties in a professional manner in accordance with the requirements we have defined.

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