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Song Split Agreement

2 My State News, « 2face Idibia Sues Blackface for N50,000,000 Over Writer of African Queen » (July 19, 2018) on>; Linda Ikeji`s blog, « Blackface Files Suit Against 2face Idibia Over Alleged Song Theft » (November 19, 2019) available on> August 6, 2020. If you are part of a group, it can be a little more difficult. We recommend that you evenly divide the rights and rights between each member of the group to keep things simple. In hip-hop, the producer usually asks for 50%, while the other top liners divide the remaining 50%. 11 Rory PQ, « Everything You Need to Know About a Split Sheet » (August 14, 2019) available on> available August 7, 2020. There are other factors that can complicate matters. This is why it is important to discover splits at an early stage. Make sure everyone who has contributed to the creative process is on the same side. If the producer and artist wrote the song together, then the producer should receive a writing credit and ownership as « publishing ». Heads up can also mean inspiration, conversations or instructions in the songwriting process. If a producer has contributed even in one word, he is entitled to writing/publishing credits.

No one wants to be in a legal battle with a collaborator after a song becomes a hit because collaborators disagree about ownership shares in music, royalty distribution and how music should be exploited. That is where good rights management comes in. « All over the world, split sheets are accepted as best practices in the field of music. A well-formed split sheet should protect the rights of all parties and have all the elements of a copyright contract. In the case of a musical work where there is more than one songwriter, songwriters would be considered co-owners of the copyright of the work. If more than one songwriter, performer and producer contributes to the recording of the sound, these individuals would be considered co-owners of the copyright of the sound recording. The Nigerian Copyright Act allows the co-owner of a copyrighted work to license or license third parties, all related royalties that can be charged between the co-owners without any contractual agreement to the contrary.

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