Lead Generation Referral Agreement

/Lead Generation Referral Agreement

Lead Generation Referral Agreement

25. Resignation. This agreement may be terminated by both parties at any time by the written denunciation of the other party. The termination of this contract comes into effect upon receipt of notice. After an account closes, all current transactions are processed. All funds we hold for you at the time of closing, net of fees, will be paid by cheque. However, you cannot request the closure of your account to avoid customer liability, litigation or the execution of an order. If problems or disputes remain unresolved when your account closes, authorize SurveyShare, Inc. to maintain your commission for up to 180 days or to protect SurveyShare, Inc. in the event of sale cancellations or customer disputes.

After entering into this agreement for any reason, you will immediately cease to use and remove all links to our website and all trademarks, commercial representations and logos of SurveyShare, Inc. and any other material made available to you by us or on your behalf, in accordance with this article or on your behalf. 6. Commissions of Referendum Officers. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the provision of a qualified lead to SurveyShare, Inc. by referendum agents, SurveyShare, Inc.`s referendum officer is compensated by the sole payment of a percentage commission in U.S. dollars. The percentage of the commission is based on surveyShare, Inc. contributions that SurveyShare, Inc. received from Qualified Lead on the first purchase of SurveyShare, Inc. (Money Base). Subject to the conditions set out in it, the amount of the % commission to be applied (Commission) is set at 10% of the monetary base.

The Referent acknowledges and acknowledges that (i) the Commission is the only exclusive form of compensation it can receive for the activities described here and that (ii) SurveyShare, Inc. has no obligation to follow a guide provided by the referent. In addition, a second commission is not paid for upgrading an account. 27. Final provisions. If, for whatever reason, a party is unable to meet its treaty obligations, it immediately informs the other party and does everything in its power to return to normal operation as quickly as possible. In such a case, the party concerned is not considered to be contrary to the contract and cannot be held responsible. 15. Independent contractors. In this agreement, you are considered an independent contractor. Therefore, there will be no partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, distributor or working relationship between the parties. You are not authorized to make or accept offers or insurance on behalf of SurveyShare, Inc.

4. Qualified lead is defined. A qualified person designates an organization that (i) is made public by the referrer pursuant to a referral form completed by SurveyShare, Inc., (ii) acquires a membership license from SurveyShare, Inc. within 120 days of the completed recommendation form and (iii) has not been identified by SurveyShare, Inc. or SurveyShare, Inc. sister company and any of their respective business partners. , staff or anyone else prior to the completed recommendation form or other reference ration. 6.6.3 You acknowledge that all amounts paid to you under this contract are for your own account and that, to the extent that this is not appropriate for the fulfilment of your obligations, you have not been obliged to pay, directly or indirectly, money or anything valuable to another person in the course of carrying out your intermediation activities under this agreement. , to provide, pay, promise or authorize the payment of money or something valuable to another person as part of the performance of your intermediation activities under this agreement.

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