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/Australian Renewable Energy Agency Enterprise Agreement

Australian Renewable Energy Agency Enterprise Agreement

I have a lot of fun re-electing as a graduate of the 2019 cohort at the Clean Energy Regulator. What I love about working for the Agency is the versatility it requires of you, a strong culture and good people. It`s great to work with such a diverse, motivated and passionate group of people who are all dedicated to the agencies` goal of accelerating CO2 emissions across Australia. The graduate development program offers a unique opportunity to complete and present a major project on a theme identified by the agencies. This project gives you access to our leaders and economists across the Agency, as well as the opportunity to consult more widely with external stakeholders in the public and private sectors. Previous projects have provided information on changes and improvements within the Agency. The three rotations of the program in the Agency`s main areas of activity have given me an excellent overview of climate change legislation and policy and technical knowledge – which I am very interested in. The rotations allowed me to experiment with different work processes available in the Agency after my end of the year, including regulation, intelligence, investigations, finance, risk management, the economy and more. Although it is a relatively small agency, the Clean Energy Regulator performs a wide range of functions in different areas and therefore requires different skills. Therefore, I do not think there is any limit in the areas of employment opportunities within the Agency. I graduated from the 2019 cohort, where a typical workday would vary considerably depending on the team I was placed on. In each of my rotations, a working day may include meetings, data analysis, and verification and synthesis of relevant articles and documents.

This allowed me to stay abreast of all developments in the field of renewable energy, which allowed my team to give an overview of the direction. During your year of study, you work in three areas of our agency. By working in all areas of activity, you develop a broad understanding of the Agency`s work in climate policy management. The rotation structure also gives you the ability to create networks throughout the agency and help you find the area in which you work passionately. You may prefer your second and third rotations. During the program, in addition to formal training, you also receive individual support from friends (former graduates), mentors and the graduate coordinator to help you settle into the agency.

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